Friday, 23 August 2013


Abraham grabs the vibrating mobile, and looks at the screen: GOD. He presses the screen to accept the call.



'God. How's it going?'


'Listen. I want you to do me a favour.'

'Sure. Go on.'

'I want you to sacrifice Isaac.'

'Sacrifice?' Abraham looks across the room; Isaac is on the PlayStation.


A gunshot rings out followed by a dull thud.

'Abraham, what the hell was that?'

'I shot Isaac.'

'Is he ...'

'Dead? I'd say so.'

'But I was only testing you. You weren't supposed to actually kill him.'

'Really? Are you pulling my leg?'


'But you said ...'

'I know what I said, but ... '

'Gotta go, mate. I promised I'd drop Sarah off at her yoga class. Laters.'

'OK. See ya.'

'Oh, wait a sec. Did I pass the test?'

'Flying colours, Abe.'


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