Monday, 11 July 2011


'The problem with your story, Benny, and why I've only given you a B,' said Mr Brock, the elderly English teacher, 'is anthropomorphism.  What does that mean?'
'I don't know, sir.' replied Benny, his large brown eyes beginning to water.
'Go and look it up, then!' snapped Mr Brock, handing Benny back his story.
As Benny turned around to return to his desk, a single tear rolled down his long black and white snout, found its way to the end of a whisker and dropped silently to the floor. Nobody saw and nobody knew.


KurtmanJP said...

Hi, I really enjoyed reading this. It was short but oh so sweet in my book. Anyway, I have a few questions regarding this Benny character:

1. Exactly what species is Benny? You described him as having a long black and white snout so I'm guessing a Border Collie dog. Am I correct?

2. Every time I read that scene where he cries, I fantasize giving Benny a soothing back massage to comfort him and licking that tear rolling down his long snout with my tongue. If I licked Benny's tear from his snout and cuddled him like that, exactly how would he react and what would he say to me?

3. Exactly how salty would Benny's tear taste of my tongue if I licked it off his snout when he cried? I know its a dumb question but its a part of my fantasy. You see, I'm a furry with a specific fetish for licking tears from the snouts, muzzles and noses of crying anthros.

4. Finally, is Benny's full name, Benjamin, Benedict or just plain old Benny?

I hope questions 2-3 don't creep you out too bad but it would mean the world to me if you could reply. Please email me the answers to all 4 questions. My email is

William Barrett said...


1. A European badger (meles meles). The clue is in the teacher's name. Brock is a Middle English word for badger.

2. He would feel distinctly uncomfortable and report your unwanted actions to a figure in authority. You would find yourself under investigation and/or ripped to shreds with powerful claws.

3. The saltiness would be akin to that of the sort of saline solutions used for teh storage of soft contact lenses.

4. Benvolio.